The Productive Hangover
a weekly list of low energy things to do to help you feel less bad about how bad you feel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Productive Hangover?
The Productive Hangover is a weekly list of content selected from the Internet and curated around a particular theme with the goal of providing 2-6 hours of low-energy entertainment that educates the user on a topic about which they may wish they knew more about. Each week's list typically contains at least one Read, Watch, Listen and Do item, and topics may vary from art to philosophy to sports to politics to music to food to a random indigenous tribe in Africa (research in progress...stay tuned).
How does it work?
You can sign up to receive The Productive Hangover by email or via our iOS app. Either way, when you sign up, you'll be prompted to enter the day of the week and time of day when you would like it delivered, and each week at that time you'll get an email or a ping on your iPhone with that week's list. You can always find old lists via the ARCHIVES and change your delivery time at any point via SETTINGS.
Do I have to be hungover to use The Productive Hangover?
No! Beta testers have found that The Productive Hangover works very well during commutes, after a long day of work, or as preparation for a date and/or cocktail party in which you want to impress people with more than Wikipedia-page tidbits on a niche subject matter.
Can I submit my own ideas?
YES! Please do! Go to 'MAKE A SUGGESTION' in the menu and send your favorite links, along with how you'd like to be credited. Please bear in mind that we are looking for things that take no more than 60% of your brain to consume and take no more than 2 hours per item (though there are always exceptions, of course).
Who is behind this app?
The Productive Hangover is an app from Michelle Miller, who needed an outlet for her insatiable curiosity and was looking for a non-TNT marathon remedy for the spirals of self-doubt and loathing that accompany her hangovers. Outside of TPH, Michelle is a novelist, tv writer and producer, whose other work you can find here:
How do I get in touch with you?
You can email
Are you hiring?
Maybe! Email if you're interested.
This Week's List
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The Productive Hangover is an app by Michelle Miller. For more of her stuff, visit